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What do I need to hunt deep in the wilderness?

Hunting Deep in the Wilderness

Advancements in technology have improved hunting equipment to the point that anyone can remain safe while hunting deep in the wilderness. A GPS unit lets hunters print out detailed topographical maps of the country they are hunting in. This lets hunters leave the crowds behind. Traveling ‘in country' is now safer with satellite phones and a new generation of two-way radios. These radios permit a group of hunters keep in touch while hunting a wide range.

‘In country' hunters need different hunting equipment than those in agricultural areas. They need portable treestands, thermal anti-scent clothing, anti-scent sacks for their equipment, and communication devices. Everything should be encased in camo-fabrics that match the hunter's immediate surroundings.

What should a bow hunter look for in treestands?

Treestands for Bow Hunters

The best treestands for hunting whitetails can be installed before the hunt, allow for clear visibility alone fence lines and alfalfas fields, and are cheap. Bow hunters need a minimum of five treestands for a two week hunt. They should also take into account that a stand will be invaded by another hunter. The stand should be camouflaged, and made out of materials that can be cleaned with anti-scent soap to remove all human scent from the stand.

What hunting gear improves a hunter's success?

Hunting Gear for Trophy Hunters

Trophy hunters use high-tech hunting gear to improve their chances of bringing home a turkey, elk, or trophy whitetail. Hunters use sound-amplifying earmuffs that double their hearing range to 200 yards. Optical lenses and night vision goggles help hunters see in poor light.

Few hunters are skilled enough to move close to wary game like turkeys or big bucks. This is why their hunting gear should include a digital wind meter. This tool accurately measure and compute the average and maximum wind gusts. This meter improves the odds of making a long distance shot across wind swept prairie or on a mountain slope.

Should I invest in high-tech hunting equipment?

New Developments in Hunting Equipment

Hunting equipment like satellites, video monitors, microchips, and lasers have made hunting safer and more effective than ever before. Hunting has become a high-tech sport. Optic sights improve the hunter's ability to find game, camouflage improves their success at stalking, and flat-shooting rifles improve the accuracy and kill range.

How do I choose the right hunting accessories?

Select the Right Hunting Accessories

Hunters need to buy hunting accessories made for their terrain, game, and length of time in the field. Carry only what is necessary into the bush. Hunting accessories and outdoor supplies need camouflaged patterns that match the terrain, must be easy to wash with scent removal soaps, and are light weight.

Hunters who frequent woodlots and agricultural land need to focus on making themselves invisible. Their game is more cunning and wary of humans. Wilderness hunters need safety equipment and hunting accessories that will help them survive in an emergency.

Where is the best place to buy hunting supplies?

Buy Hunting Supplies

High-tech hunting equipment has changed the way big game is hunted in North America. Hunters need to be aware of the laws. Satellite phones and two-way radios may not be used to track animal movement, herd game into a funnel, or chase game toward waiting hunters. It is also illegal to use doe scent to entrap bucks. Doe scents, buck calls, and rattling can only be used to attract bucks to the hunter. Night vision goggles, video monitors, and cameras can be used to record animal movements, but it is illegal to hunt after dark, even if the hunting equipment appears to be specially made to facilitate night hunting.

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