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Where is the best Alaska bear Hunting Spots?

Experience The Alaska Bear Hunting Adventure

Alaskan grizzly bears and the Kodiak Island bears are the largest land carnivores in the world. Alaska bear hunting is world famous for its trophy size grizzly and Kodiak bear populations. The South Central region of Alaska is the place to hunt bear. The bear population is impressive and the outfitters well equipped. Outfitters are expensive but worth the money. They can lead hunters to the best places for grizzly or Kodiak, almost guaranteeing a trophy. Alaskan bear hunting regulations allow hunters to plan their own trip. They save money, but reduce the chances of harvesting a trophy sized bear.

Where is the best bear hunting in Canada?

Bear Hunting in Canada

Western Canada promises a successful black bear hunt. The low human population, untouched wilderness, and lack of political interference make the prairie province the best location for bear hunting in Canada. All bear hunting in Canada must be organized by a licensed outfitter, even in remote areas.

Review the Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young record books to find where the trophy bears were taken last year. Bear hunting in Canada varies through the different regions. Quebec and British Columbia offer the largest populations, but they are hunted frequently. British Columbia is the best place for grizzly bear hunting. The prairies and northern areas have lower bear populations, but the chances of bagging a trophy are increased.

Is Maine Bear Hunting a Good Experience?

Maine Bear Hunting is For Serious Hunters

The rugged mountains and dense wilderness put Main bear hunting among the top hunting experiences in the world. Main is home to the largest concentration of black bears per acre in the world. Trophy black bear are taken in Main every year.

Main bear hunting regulations allows outfitters to build permanent stands with clear 18 yard shots to bait stations for bow hunters, 75 yards for rifle hunters, and 20 yards for hand gun hunters. Record trophy bear, wonderful fall scenery, and a legal handgun bear hunt brings hunters from around the globe. Bear hunt outfitters who track bear behavior through the year to improve their client's hunt.

What is the difference between big bear hunting and black bear hunting?

Big Bear vs. Black Bear Hunting Facts

Black bear hunting demands marksman level excellence. The slightest whiff of human scent drives them back into the bush. Even at close ranges, precision is essential. The target is a five inch square called the boiler room, located behind the front shoulder. Hunters need to hit the boiler room with their shot or arrow aimed toward the head. Nothing else will stop a black bear. Black bear hunting is unlike other hunting. The bear may only remain at a bait stand for seconds before it disappears again. When hit, a black bear does not lie down and bleed out. They can run up to 20 miles before they die. Hunters need to book a black bear hunt months in advance.

Game management unit #9 just south of anchorage is the world's best place for Grizzly and Kodiak bear hunting. Unit #9 and Kodiak Island both produce 10 foot bears. A camp legal bear is 9 foot. Kodiak bear hunting is not for the weak hearted. The weather is rarely comfortable, the bears are aggressive, the environment rugged. There are no baits or motorized chases. The hunter must trek into the wilderness and hunt bear on foot. Kodiak bear hunting in October takes hunters into the mountain walls and valley floors. The spring bear hunt takes men across the snow-covered mountainsides in search of fresh tracks or dens. This type of bear hunt must be booked at least two years in advance.

How do I pick grizzly bear hunting outfitter?

Picking an Outfitter for Grizzly Bear Hunting In Alaska and British Columbia

Alaska has an annual bear hunt harvest of 2,000 bears per year. The British Columbia bear hunt harvest is around 4,000 each year. Grizzly bear hunting in these areas is organized with both bait hunting and stalk hunting. The success of the bear hunt in British Columbia is attributed to the fact law forcing hunters to acquire the services of a licensed outfitter.

Hiring an outfitter for grizzly bear hunting in Alaska and British Columbia is risky. Only go grizzly bear hunting with a professional outfitter. Hunters need to tell outfitters the weight of bear they consider a trophy grizzly. They should ask for a ‘shot on trophy male' guarantee. If satisfied, they need to ask for photographs of the accommodations, and ensure that meal times are flexible. If the outfitter appears to be legitimate, ask for references.

Is Minnesota a good place to hunt black bear?

Minnesota Bear Hunting Advice

Minnesota bear hunting is confined to the northern woodlands. Black bear hunting includes any color of bear from light cinnamon to deep black. The adult weighs 250 to 300 pounds and stands three feet at the shoulder. Bears are solitary, except in places where bears gather for food and bait stations. A good Minnesota bear hunting guide will establish their own bait stations and scout the local water holes and bear trails.

Minnesota Bear Hunting is a great experience for hunters who want to spend their days in the woods, and their evening lounging by a warm fire. Minnesota uses a lottery system for licensing the black bear hunt. About 1000 surplus bear hunt permits are available starting in August.

How can I improve my black bear hunt?

Black Bear Hunting Tips

Here are some hunting tips to make black bear hunting in Canada a great experience:

  • Never head into the bush without a good black fly bug paint and netting.
  • Bait and lure hunting works well in the untouched wilderness.
  • A game monitor located near the burns or lures will indicate whether the lure is being hit.
  • The best burn is made with bacon and honey. They create a sweet smoke that penetrates deep into the woods.
  • Never use new equipment when black bear hunting in Canada. Boots, treestands, and packs must be comfortable.
  • Remain quiet, still, and scent free.
  • Never travel without a compass and topographical map.
  • Tie a string tracker to the lure and unravel it while following a bear. It saves disorientation when heading back to camp.

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