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How do I find a good hunting guide?

Hunting Guides and Info

There are hundreds of places on the internet to find hunting info. Every State issues a hunting guide to help hunters locate outfitters, hunt clubs, taxidermists, suppliers, and where to get permits or find the local regulations. All the websites that sell hunting guides, videos, and offer advice can leave hunters wondering what sites to trust. Hunters need to find hunting sites that offer solid information and teach hunters more than how to pick a gun, or what products to buy. That is why it is important to find reputable websites and hire a hunting guide the first few times.

Why should I hire a hunting guide?

Hunting Guides Introduce a Unlimited Opportunities

Novice hunters can hunt like seasoned professionals with the help of hunting guides. Hunting in South Carolina on a 10,000 acre plantation with a guide can bring a whole new experience to novice hunters. Hunting guides in Texas can make a beginner feel like they are on safari, taking them back to a time when wild boar were hunted with Bowie knives and muzzle loaders.

Hunters often avoid guides believing they will have someone watching over their shoulder and telling them what to do. However, many guides take hunters to a good spot and leave them to hunt in peace. The biggest advantage comes after the kill. Many hunting guides will field dress the trophy for the hunter and then transport it back to camp.

What are some bow hunting basics?

Bow Hunting Basics

Hunting with a bow is a unique experience. Hunting basics for archers start with becoming an expert at stalking and waiting. Hunters can wait for days before having a clear shot on their target. The first step is to join a local archery club and learn everything about archery hunting basics. Archers need to learn how different bows handle in different situations. They need to make the bow an extension of their own body. It is the closest thing to the predator and prey chase that humans will ever experience. The hunting basics for archers are simple. Learn to think like the game you are hunting.

What do I need to know before hunting big game?

What Do I Need to Know Before Hunting Big Game?

Breaking into big game hunting can be intimidating. All types of game requires specific stalking, hunting, and firearm skills. Basic hunting skills for small game, big game, upland birds, and water fowl are different than big game hunting. Hunters should learn the hunting basics for the firearm, game, and hunting experience they want to enjoy. Hunting basics for big game include learning to move through the bush without making noise, to be scent-free, to make a tight grouping at long distances, and understanding the how their prey behaves in their natural habitat.

How do I get started hunting ducks and geese?

Duck and Geese Hunting Basics

Duck and geese hunting is the easiest hunting method to learn and the hardest to master. The hunting basics are simple. Place a few dozen decoys in the water, or in a grain field, and wait till the geese and ducks arrive. To harvest a full quota duck and geese hunters need to go beyond the hunting basics and learn the tricks. Outfitters can teach a novice hunter more in one hunt than they can learn in a decade of hunting on their own. Novice hunters can learn the hunting basics at their local hunting club. Whether duck and geese hunters use dogs in wetlands, or hunt in fields, they need to learn the basics. A solid knowledge of duck and geese behavior is necessary, or flock after flock will approach the field and then fly off at the last minute.

Why should I join a hunting club?

Benefits of Joining Hunting Clubs

Hunting clubs are private member only organizations. Many include target ranges, practice weapons, seminars, membership discounts, programs for children, and thousands of acres of private hunting land for member use only. Some hunting clubs actively participate in conservation and public education programs.

Hunting club members enjoy discounts on hunting magazine subscriptions, hunting supplies and accessories, and in some cases, discounts on credit card rates and educational programs. You can contact other club members, join leauges and contests and stay up to date on the latest laws and regulations through a hunting club online.

Do I need a hunting permit?

Hunting Permit and license Basics

Every state issues hunting permits. Every hunter needs a permit, even for small game like squirrel. Hunting permits, also called hunting licenses, limit the hunter's age, firearm, hunting season, and quota they are allowed to harvest. Most states demand that hunters pass a hunting course before applying for hunting permits. Hunting permits and hunting licenses are only valid for one year, or one season. Each state has a list of animals that are unlawful to hunt. Hunters need to contact the department of Wildlife in the State they want to hunt in for hunting licenses.

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