Airsoft Guns for Hunters

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Can I hunt with an Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft Guns for Hunters

Airsofts gun are not traditional BB guns. Traditional and air BB guns shoot a .177 metal BB. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs in several different calibers. Airsoft guns are safer. They can shoot a plastic BB between 50-300 feet without breaking the skin. Airsoft guns are a new import from Japan. These compressed air guns are exact replicas of true firearms. The only difference is an orange band. Airsoft guns are legal for paintball games and hunting as long as the band is intact. It is a Federal offence to tamper with or remove the band.



4/13/2009 11:24:52 AM
Gar said:

Airsoft guns should NOT be used for hunting, as the plastic BB's were designed to be "safely" used on human players and not for hunting. You would not be able to to kill with a single shot anything, but the smallest of insects with an airsoft gun.


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