Air Gun and Pellet Styles for Hunting

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How do I pick an air gun for hunting?

Air Gun and Pellet Styles for Hunting

Air guns have replaced pump guns as the preference for small game hunters. Hunting air guns offer five times more power than target air guns and more accuracy than a more expensive .22 rifle.

The accuracy of a pellet gun is determined by the crown, uniformity, wind, and weight. The crown is the barrel lip. The crown of an air gun and the pellet must be the exact same size to ensure the pellet travels straight. Uniformity refers to the spinning pattern of the pellet and how straight the pellet will travel over long distances.

The air gun pellet's weight determines its wind resistance. The weight of an air gun pellet also determines its speed. Smaller pellets travel faster. Heavier pellets penetrate deeper. The most popular hunting pellets are round nose for small game, and crow magnum hollow heads for rabbits and raccoons.



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