Big Bear vs. Black Bear Hunting Facts

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What is the difference between big bear hunting and black bear hunting?

Big Bear vs. Black Bear Hunting Facts

Black bear hunting demands marksman level excellence. The slightest whiff of human scent drives them back into the bush. Even at close ranges, precision is essential. The target is a five inch square called the boiler room, located behind the front shoulder. Hunters need to hit the boiler room with their shot or arrow aimed toward the head. Nothing else will stop a black bear. Black bear hunting is unlike other hunting. The bear may only remain at a bait stand for seconds before it disappears again. When hit, a black bear does not lie down and bleed out. They can run up to 20 miles before they die. Hunters need to book a black bear hunt months in advance.

Game management unit #9 just south of anchorage is the world's best place for Grizzly and Kodiak bear hunting. Unit #9 and Kodiak Island both produce 10 foot bears. A camp legal bear is 9 foot. Kodiak bear hunting is not for the weak hearted. The weather is rarely comfortable, the bears are aggressive, the environment rugged. There are no baits or motorized chases. The hunter must trek into the wilderness and hunt bear on foot. Kodiak bear hunting in October takes hunters into the mountain walls and valley floors. The spring bear hunt takes men across the snow-covered mountainsides in search of fresh tracks or dens. This type of bear hunt must be booked at least two years in advance.



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