Types of Boar Hunting Guides

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Should I hire a boar hunting guide?

Types of Boar Hunting Guides

There are two types of boar hunting. Outfitter's ranches use stands around feeding stations. This is relatively safe and comfortable for the hunter. Wild boar hunting is a different sport. It pits an animal with unsurpassed survival skills, speed, and no fear of man, against a hunter's skill and endurance. All boar hunting guides should be able to guarantee a kill.

Most hunters hire boar hunting guides who know where the wild boar live, how to outwit them, and where to find boars with trophy sized tusks. There are hundreds of boar hunting guides and outfitters in the United States. They range from rugged hunt camps with few amenities to luxury ranches complete with electricity in the towers and spotters on ATVs. The price of wild boar hunting ranges from $80 - $200 a day, depending on the accommodation.



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