Booking a Boar Hunting Trip

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What should I look for in a boar hunting guide?

Booking a Boar Hunting Trip

Booking a boar hunting trip requires research. Boar hunting is a varied sport. Hunters can use musket loaders and a pack of dogs, or an All Terrain Vehicle and the latest in firearms. Boar hunting guides and outfitters cater to different types of boar hunting, but it is the hunter's responsibility to hire the right guide.

Make sure the lodge is everything the website advertises. Some lodges lack hydro, running water, plumbing, and freezers to chill the wild boar. Boar hunting guides should not multi-book hunts. It is not acceptable to leave hunters at a stand for the day. The hunter and outfitter must discuss their weapon choice and experience before booking a trip. This will prevent dangerous situations. Last, hunters should ask who is responsible for transporting, field dressing, chilling the meat, and shipping the head to a taxidermist.



9/16/2009 3:13:10 PM
Kyle said:

I don't know a lot about boar hunting, but I do know about deer hunting. And I was just wondering if meant "muzzle loader" when you said "musket loader"?


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