High Tech Hunting Fabrics

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What should I look for when buying hunting clothing?

High Tech Hunting Fabrics

High-tech hunting clothing, called ‘technical' fabrics, are thermal, waterproof, and wind-proof. Manufacturers are incorporating insect repellents, odor-eliminators, and water repellents into the new fabrics to keep hunters comfortable and safe.
All brand name hunting clothing manufacturers incorporate Gore-Tex or Saddlecloth into their hunting clothing. Gore-Tex is a new fiber made from Teflon that is layered between fabrics making. The resulting hunting clothing is water-proof, wind-proof and breathable.

Saddlecloth is a six-layer fabric that is wind-proof but breathable. When used in the outer shell of hunting clothing it lets body moisture escape while keeping heat in. The surface feels like suede and is virtually thorn and burr proof.



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