Duck and Geese Hunting Basics

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How do I get started hunting ducks and geese?

Duck and Geese Hunting Basics

Duck and geese hunting is the easiest hunting method to learn and the hardest to master. The hunting basics are simple. Place a few dozen decoys in the water, or in a grain field, and wait till the geese and ducks arrive. To harvest a full quota duck and geese hunters need to go beyond the hunting basics and learn the tricks. Outfitters can teach a novice hunter more in one hunt than they can learn in a decade of hunting on their own. Novice hunters can learn the hunting basics at their local hunting club. Whether duck and geese hunters use dogs in wetlands, or hunt in fields, they need to learn the basics. A solid knowledge of duck and geese behavior is necessary, or flock after flock will approach the field and then fly off at the last minute.



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