Archery Safety Tips for Bow Hunters

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What are some Bow Hunting Safety Tips?

Archery Safety Tips for Bow Hunters

This is a simple archery safety list, but one archers need to take seriously.

  • Avoid arrows that are bent or have chips in them.
  • Throw away damaged bow strings.
  • Watch for intruders who try to cross the range.
  • Be courteous to other archers on the target range.
Bow hunters follow a second set of archery safety rules. They need to carry a laser that will measure distances. Misjudging distance by only five yards can put the hunter's life in danger. A wounded bear or wild boar is a dangerous animal. A string leech will prevent alerting an animal to your presence. The last rule is to wait. Do not approach a downed animal for twenty minutes. A blood trail does not mean the prey is laying dead 50 yards into the bush.



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