Hunting Safety Rules

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What is the most important hunting safety rule?

Hunting Safety Rules

There are a few hunting safety rules that apply to all types of hunting:.

  • Never remove your orange hunting vest.
  • Never lever leave a loaded fire arm leaning against a tree or hanging on a branch.
  • It is illegal to hunt on private property.
  • Always sight a firearm before pulling the trigger. A brown thing moving in the underbrush may be an outfitter's packhorse, a farmer's cow, or a lost person.
Hunting safety rules apply to more than firearm safety. Small game hunters need to carry a Bowie knife for protection. A duck hunter may come face to face with a wild boar. An elk hunter may meet a bear or mountain lion. It is better to be prepared for emergencies. Hunters should also remember the moral rules. Do not kill small game to pass the time. Do not drink in the field, and do not play pranks while in the field.



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