Grading Hunting Knife Quality

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How do I grade a hunting knife's quality?

Grading Hunting Knife Quality

The Rockwell C scale measures the hardness of hunting knives. A low C grade means the blade is soft and will lose its edge quickly. A high C rating means the steel is too hard. The blade will snap under pressure, impact, and torque. A Rockwell C scale hardness in the upper 50s is best for most hunting knives.



12/21/2008 2:58:22 PM
Kyle said:

A dedicated hunting knife is not a pry bar, it is used to gut and clean deer and a dull knife is no fun in 20 degree weather its true that too hard of knife will be brittle but your trading a lot for a flexible knife, you have less edge retention, your knife is not going to be as sharp , a good hunting knife by my experience should be 59 or 60c you have a good mix of edge retention and razor sharpness but its still tough, just be careful and don't abuse a knife


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