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What do I need to get started?

Get Started Shooting Big Game

It is easy to start big game hunting. A complete line of suitable gun supplies are sold at online stores. Do not start with the biggest rifle. Hunters need a good bolt-action rifle, scope, a field dressing kit, camo clothing, and a treestand. Other Shooting accessories a hunter may need for off season include targets, traps, goggles, ear protection, gun case, and a gun safe. Shooting accessories for hunting are different than gun supplies for target practice. Make sure that you buy the proper accessories for the task.

Should I buy hunting specialty accessories?

Buying Firearm Accessories

Firearm accessories for target practice, tactical use, security, and hunting do not serve the same purposes as they do for hunting. Target practice sights offer amazing results on the range, but they may not perform well in a woods, or inclement weather. Hunters should purchase their firearm accessories from a hunting specialty store. This ensures the gun accessories will be durable under extreme conditions and improve the chances of a good harvest.

How can I display my rifles?

Hunting Accessories and Wall Racks

Hunters can accumulate a dozen rifles and shotguns. It is easy to collect thousands of dollars of gun supplies. Not all hunters want to hide their hunting accessories in a locker. Carved wall racks let hunters display the rifles and shotguns with their trophies. Wall racks sold by hunting stores do not always meet the legal requirements for firearm storage. Hunters need to be familiar with the legislation in their State. A safe wall rack is not only decorative it can prevent theft, serious injury, and even death.

What do I need to consider when buying a rifle scope?

Buying Scopes

The scope is the most important rifle accessory for hunters. Today's rifle scopes judge distance and compensate for a cross wind. Rifle accessories are made to accommodate different size hunters, and different rifles. Hunters need to consider their ‘direct eye' when purchasing a scope. The rifle butt must rest on the hunter's shoulder, the eye centered on the cross hairs, and the rifle in a comfortable position.

Are there any restrictions for storing guns at hunting camps?

Storing Guns at the Hunt Camp

It is illegal to leave rifles, revolvers, shotguns, and air guns in truck racks, boxes, or unlocked. All guns must be unloaded, locked, or secured with a trigger lock. All hunt camps should come with wall mount racks to store unused firearms. Hunters must adhere to the safety and security regulations that are necessary and store all firearms, including air guns and pellet guns. on wall mount racks.

Hunters die every year because they leaned a loaded gun against a tree, truck, pack, or hung it on a tree branch. The hunter is fully liable for any firearm injury caused by negligence, even if the victim was also careless.

What is the law concerning gun transportation?

Comply With Legal Gun Transportation

Guns must be transported in a locked container, like a gun safe, or equipped with a tamper resistant safety device, so the gun is inoperable. The penalty is up to $10,000 in fines and 10 years imprisonment. Guns must be unloaded when stored in a gun safe. Gun owners need to consult with state authorities before crossing boarders, even if their firearms are in a gun safe. Not all gun cases are legal to use as gun safes.

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