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Where should I buy my first hunting gun?

Where to Buy Hunting Guns for Sale

Hunting guns for sale through classified ads may not be the best choice for a novice. They may have minute flaws that can seriously effect the rifle's action. This may not be serious for small game hunters. A flawed rifle is dangerous when hunting bear, wild boar, elk, or deer.

What are a few basic gun care tips?

Hunter Gun Care Tips

Hunter gun care starts with a good cleaning kit and gun case. Buy a kit with a cleaning rod diameter to match the gun's caliber. Never use a cleaning rod with the wrong caliber. The kit must contain two tips to hold patches, cleaning patches, a bore brush, a bottle of powder solvent, gun oil, and gun grease. A hunter gun cleaning kit also needs a silicone cloth to remove fingerprints and protect against rust prints. Hunting firearms have more recoil and muzzle blast than target rifles. Recoil and muzzle blast cause flinching. Practicing with hunting firearms allows the hunter to find a balance between power and recoil.

What hunting firearm is best for me?

Hunting Firearms

The most popular deer hunting rifle is the bolt-action rifle. Air and pellet hunter rifles are also suitable for hunting whitetail when used with the right pellet. Novice hunters might want to experiment at a local hunt club before making their choice. The variety of hunting guns for sale today opens a world of variety for today's hunters.

What do I look for in a big game hunting rifle?

Tips for Buying Hunting Rifles for Bear, Elk, and Trophy Boar

It requires more than bullet speed and weight to kill an Elk, Grizzly, or 500 pound wild boar. The most important consideration in a hunting rifle is the bold action. Reliable and accurate firing requires a rigid bolt action, simple and fast firing pin fall, and precise breaching. Hunting rifles with a synthetic stock are lighter and impervious to weather. Top the hunting rifle with the best scope you can afford, and ‘sight it in' after arriving at the hunt site. Some hunting rifles need the factory swivel and sling replaced with a more comfortable model.

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