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Are compound bows a better choice for novice hunters?

Compound Bows for Hunting

Archers are disappointed to learn that a traditional bow's let-off affects its performance in the field. Compound archery is more forgiving. Hunters can trust compound bows to perform accurately under most conditions. Compound archery lets novice hunters use a bow on big game like whitetail, wild boar, and black bear.

Why hunt with a crossbow?

Crossbow Basics

Crossbows are an excellent choice for big game hunters who prefer bows, but do not have the skill for traditional archery. There are advantages to hunting with a crossbow. The light weight barrel and high-tech accessories reduce the need for weekly practice. For the best results, only buy a crossbow from a reputable archery store.

What do I need to know before buying a recurve bow?

How to Select Recurve Bows

Serious bow hunters find a professional who sells recurve bows for a living. Only a professional can determine the hunter's reach, dominant eye, and draw weight. Most hunt clubs have at least one professional who can help beginners choose a recurve bow based on technique, their dominant eye, and style and purpose.

Buying a bow from a reputable online store is a great way to explore a vast selection of recurved bows in a variety of price ranges. A basic recurve bow includes the riser, also called a handle, and the limbs. The price varies from $400 to $1000 for a hunting quality recurve bow

Where is the best place to buy archery equipment?

Where to Buy Archery Equipment

Traditional archery bows and arrows can be damaged by heat, humidity, or improper storage. Compound archery equipment is not as fragile. Most enthusiasts start with a good quality compound archery kit and move to more specialized archery bows like wooden longbows and recurves. Archery equipment should never be purchased from a local hardware store, an out-door store, or a firearm store that sells archery equipment on the side. Only buy from a specialty archery equipment online or local store does not damage their archery equipment while in storage or shipping.

What bow case should I purchase?

Selecting Suitable Bow Cases

Purchase a bow case based on its use, not the type of bow. Hard body bow cases are suitable for expensive bows that are transported in the back of trucks, vehicle trunks, or with other gear. Soft nylon bow cases are suitable for storing bows in a dry room, or a locker at the hunt club. Never leave a bow on a shelf or hook.

What should I know before buying a hunting bow?

How to Buy a Hunting Bow

There are four types of hunting bows: traditional wooden, fiberglass, compound, and recurve. Hunters usually start with a compound and move up to a fiberglass or recurve bow. The correct hunting bow size is relative to the hunter's height. Below 5'6” requires a 64” bow, below 5'10” uses a 66” bow, everyone else uses a 68” or 70” bow.

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