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What is a true Trophy Boar?

Trophy Boar Hunting

Boar hunting offers a several worthwhile trophies. Trophy boars are judged on its shoulder and tusk size. The Tennessee wild boar is a vicious animal with no fear of humans. Wild Boar ranches from Texas to Florida offer hybrids like the rare silverback, and pure Bzikot bloodlines. California provides boar hunting enthusiasts with a feral hybrid that closely resembles European hogs.

The most recent development is an Appalachian and European hybrid. This boar reaches a weight of 500 pounds, and sports a wicked set of tusks. These monsters are being introduced into ranch herds, increasing the excitement of the hunt, and the quality of the trophies.

What should I look for in a boar hunting guide?

Booking a Boar Hunting Trip

Booking a boar hunting trip requires research. Boar hunting is a varied sport. Hunters can use musket loaders and a pack of dogs, or an All Terrain Vehicle and the latest in firearms. Boar hunting guides and outfitters cater to different types of boar hunting, but it is the hunter's responsibility to hire the right guide.

Make sure the lodge is everything the website advertises. Some lodges lack hydro, running water, plumbing, and freezers to chill the wild boar. Boar hunting guides should not multi-book hunts. It is not acceptable to leave hunters at a stand for the day. The hunter and outfitter must discuss their weapon choice and experience before booking a trip. This will prevent dangerous situations. Last, hunters should ask who is responsible for transporting, field dressing, chilling the meat, and shipping the head to a taxidermist.

Where can I find a true wild boar breed?

Hunting the Tennessee Hybrid Boar

The wild boar roaming the mountains of Tennessee is a hybrid of the razorback and Russian black hog. It is a fierce animal to battle. Its strength, determination, cunning, and short rushes make it a worthy trophy for the most seasoned hunter. A Tennessee wild boar does not charge to threaten like other wild boar breeds. Their only intent is a full out attack. Tennessee boar hunting requires no permits and has no limits on the choice of weapons.

Tennessee boar hunting offers the benefits of a comfortable lodge and experienced outfitters. The Russian black and razorback cross add the lure of hunting a truly wild animal. Hunters can choose to hunt with a guide, dogs, any weapon, or hunt alone.

What makes California boar hunting different?

California Boar Hunting

California boar hunting offers a unique experience. Wild boar roam the canyons and dense brush. The terrain in California boar hunting outfitters and ranches does not allow stands and feeding stations. The rough canyons force the hunters to track the wild boar through rocky and overgrown terrain. The herds move quickly forcing hunters to glass the area looking for tracks.

California boar hunting would fit into the high fence category. The boar still bear a resemblance to domestic hogs. This is important for scaling. The California wild boar is larger than free range boar in Texas or Florida, but they are considered more of a feral pig than a true wild boar. Some ranches have started breeding hybrids that are larger and fiercer than their feral cousins.

Where can I experience several types of wild boar hunting in one trip?

Wild Boar Hunting in Texas Offers Variety

Texas offers the perfect wild boar hunting experience. Hunters can travel the outback hunting wild razorbacks, or remain comfortable in permanent stands overlooking feeding stations.

Boar hunting guides and outfitters now stock ranches with trophy breeds, including rare silverbacks and monster hybrids, ensuring every hunter enjoys the perfect boar hunting experience. In one weekend a wild boar hunting party can chase down razorbacks, thin out a herd of wary feral hogs, and bag a record breaking trophy boar.

Should I hire a boar hunting guide?

Types of Boar Hunting Guides

There are two types of boar hunting. Outfitter's ranches use stands around feeding stations. This is relatively safe and comfortable for the hunter. Wild boar hunting is a different sport. It pits an animal with unsurpassed survival skills, speed, and no fear of man, against a hunter's skill and endurance. All boar hunting guides should be able to guarantee a kill.

Most hunters hire boar hunting guides who know where the wild boar live, how to outwit them, and where to find boars with trophy sized tusks. There are hundreds of boar hunting guides and outfitters in the United States. They range from rugged hunt camps with few amenities to luxury ranches complete with electricity in the towers and spotters on ATVs. The price of wild boar hunting ranges from $80 - $200 a day, depending on the accommodation.

What does boar hunting offer hunters?

The Purpose of the Boar Hunt

Wild Boars are intelligent, adaptable, agile, and dangerous. They do considerable damage to the environment, contaminating water holes, and rooting vegetation. Wild boars kill wildlife and livestock, and spread disease. The prolific breeding of wild boar has made them a nuisance.

Many states like Texas and Florida allow unrestrained boar hunting to control the populations. Outfitters offer year round boar hunting with all weapons, dog packs, optional unguided hunting privileges, and no limit hunts. Boar hunting is the sport for hunters who want to hunt an animal that will fight back.

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