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What should I look for when buying hunting clothing?

High Tech Hunting Fabrics

High-tech hunting clothing, called ‘technical' fabrics, are thermal, waterproof, and wind-proof. Manufacturers are incorporating insect repellents, odor-eliminators, and water repellents into the new fabrics to keep hunters comfortable and safe.
All brand name hunting clothing manufacturers incorporate Gore-Tex or Saddlecloth into their hunting clothing. Gore-Tex is a new fiber made from Teflon that is layered between fabrics making. The resulting hunting clothing is water-proof, wind-proof and breathable.

Saddlecloth is a six-layer fabric that is wind-proof but breathable. When used in the outer shell of hunting clothing it lets body moisture escape while keeping heat in. The surface feels like suede and is virtually thorn and burr proof.

Where is the best place to buy discount hunting clothing?

Where to buy Discount Hunting Clothes

The best place to buy discount hunting clothing is from an online store. Today's hunting clothing is available in dozens of camo patterns, fabrics, and designs. Online stores offer a wide selection of unting clothing and hunting apparel at reasonable prices.

Online stores have lower overhead. This lets them sell discount hunting lothing from the designer names in popular patterns They buy direct from the distributor, allowing them to carry every size and brand names needed to outfit an entire family. Discount hunting clothing is not a bargain if shoppers are forced to mix and match, or buy the wrong size, whenever the local store holds a sale.

Do women and youth need special hunting clothing?

Buying Hunting Clothing for Women and Youth

Hunting jackets must fit snug across the shoulders and at the hemline to prevent a chill. Hunting jackets need to hang well below the waist line to prevent an updraft. Oversized thermal under garments loose their heat trapping capability. Even when layered, the hunter will become cold or damp.

How do I choose a good hunting boot?

Fitting a Hunting Boot

Never choose a pair of hunting boots because they match the pattern on your camo jacket. Hunters need to carefully consider how the boots will be used. Hunting boots made for walking have solid sole and ankle support. Models made for rough terrain have large lugs and a flexible sole. The fabric needs to breathe to let perspiration out. The lacing system needs to run all the way up the boot in a tight weave. D-rings are preferable. They allow the hunter to pull the boot tighter. Hunting boots used in muddy areas need thick sole and shorter lugs. Insulated rubber boots may work well in the fall, but a boot with a waterproof upper is more suited for summer months.

What should I look for in camo clothing?

The Science of Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage clothing and jackets are designed with patterns that follow the laws of Nature. Good camo jackets and clothing combine the colors of sticks, leaves, shadows, moss, and lichen. Good camo clothing patterns do not look like sticks or shadows. There are no sharp lines, or clearly defined patterns. Instead, camo clothing tries to blend in with the color combinations that make up the landscape.

Camouflage jackets should not have straight lines around the collars, sippers, or hem lines. The camo pattern should break up the human outline. Hunters need several sets of hunting clothing to match the different environments they hunt in. Buy camo clothing, jackets, hats, gloves, packs, straps, and masks with the same pattern.

How does scent-elimination fabric work?

Anti-scent Hunting Clothing for Big Game Hunters

Hunting clothing is made from fabrics that combine moisture-wicking fabric and an anti-bacterial agent that eliminates odor causing microbes. Hunting clothing is dipped into mycosan, an anti-bacterial agent. Today's anti-scent clothes outperform the old carbon-layered clothing, and is far superior to the old method of soaking clothing in baking soda. Whitetail hunters swear that anti-scent fabrics bring deer closer. Whitetail deer judge distance from a threat by the strength of their odor. Reducing an odor by half can bring a whitetail ten yards closer. Big game hunters should cover every inch of their body with anti-scent hunting clothing.

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