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How do I choose a hunting knife?

Finding The Best Hunting Knife

The best hunting knives measure around 50 on the Rockwell C scale. Check the tang when buying sheath knives. The tang measures the distance the blade extends into the handle of the hunting knife. The blade extends to the end of the handle on the best handles. Custom hunting knives can be ordered from hunting knives suppliers. Hunters ask suppliers to adjust the handle and grip of the hunting knife to fit their hand, giving them better control. This is important for hunters with smaller or very large hands.

Ehat are the common types of hunting knives?

Types of Hunting Knives

There are a variety of hunting knives and each is designed for specific tasks.

  • The Bowie hunting knives are heavy-duty all round knives with a blood groove for field dressing game.
  • The drop-point knife is designed for small game and birds.
  • A Skinning knife has a wide blade and fine dge.
  • Boning knives can do double duty as a skinning knife, but only if the blade is kept sharp.
  • Gutting knives have a second blade at the tip with a hook to prevent snagging.
Hunting knives should never be used as multi-purpose knives. This will dull and damage the blades.

Where do I find hunting knife bargains?

Find Hunting Knife Bargains Online

Reputable online knife and hunting specialty stores sell wholesale hunting knives. These stores buy bulk lots at discount prices and pass the savings to the hunter. Hunters can find good deals on all types of hunting knives. Good quality hunting knives with tempered blades, ornate handles, and in custom lengths can be purchased at a fraction of their regular price.

There is a difference between a reputable knife dealer who sells wholesale hunting knives and companies who auction off bulk lots of seconds and defects. Take time to shop around. Avoid companies that do not reveal the metal material, tang, Rockwell C rating, or whether the blade is hollow-ground.

Can I find a good deal from a dealer who sells wholesale hunting knives?

Wholesale Hunting Knives

Hunters only need one high-quality custom hunting knife. The rest can be purchased from a dealer who sells wholesale hunting knives. These knives vary in quality, so check the manufacturer's website and product reviews before making a selection. Hunters will not find bone or antler handles when shopping for wholesale hunting knives, but they will find reliable all-round blades, boot, fishing, and specialty knives all at low prices.

What do I ask for in a custom hunting knife?

How to Buy a Custom Hunting Knife

There are several features that hunters can have built into a custom hunting knife. A hunting knife that is well balanced and fits the hunter's hand comfortably is an advantage on any hunt. Custom hunting knives often have the top edge of the blade sharpened to aid a stabbing movement. A hollow-ground cutting edge keeps its blade longer. A finger lug keeps your hand from slipping forward when stabbing, and provides a good grip. Custom hunting knives can be made with thicker blades and stronger metals than normal hunting knives. A good custom hunting knife can chop oak and still be used to shave with. Look for a reputable dealer who specializes in crafting hunting knives.

How do I grade a hunting knife's quality?

Grading Hunting Knife Quality

The Rockwell C scale measures the hardness of hunting knives. A low C grade means the blade is soft and will lose its edge quickly. A high C rating means the steel is too hard. The blade will snap under pressure, impact, and torque. A Rockwell C scale hardness in the upper 50s is best for most hunting knives.

How do I pick a good bowie knife?

A Good Bowie Knife

Every hunter dreams of owning high quality Bowie hunting knives. Bowie hunting knives can be ornate with engraved blades, or 50 – 59 rated carbon steel. Ornate handles of bone, antler, or ivory only increases the attraction. A bowie knife is too long for most hunters to carry comfortably in the field, but most hunters consider them indispensable. Many testimonials claim a Bowie knife saved a hunter from an angry animal.

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