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How can I draw a trophy buck to my treestand?

Hunting a Trophy Whitetail

Successful hunters use skill, patience, a scent free treestand, doe urine trails, and scrapes to lure a trophy whitetail deer to a treestand. Whitetail deer do not look for human scent, but a scent that does not belong. Novice hunters forget to clean their boots, hats, and gloves with scent-elimination soap daily. This means that treestands, rifles, and communications equipment need to be washed with scent-elimination soap.

When is Deer Hunting Season?

Deer Hunting Crossbow Tips

Deer hunters need to purchase a license before they can go hunting, even if it is hunting season. Licenses are usually obtained a year in advance. If a State does not sell enough licenses, hunters may join the lottery to win the privilege of hunting extra deer.

These deer hunting tips will improve a hunter's chance of success.

  • Bucks are most active in the early hours, or just before dusk. Plan to be in a treestand or blind 30 minutes before first light.
  • Stay away from tree lines, scrapes, hedgerows and deer runs when traveling to and from the treestand or blind.
  • Remember that big bucks follow doe and young bucks.
  • Do not crush vegetation when traveling. The smell of crushed vegetation will alert deer that something large is walking through the woods.

Is New Mexico or Texas deer hunting worth the cost?

New Mexico and Texas Deer Hunting

New Mexico deer hunting covers 120,000 square miles of public and private land and many expert outfitters. Hunters can experience all habitats from prairie to mountains are available. They can experience a wilderness hunting experience without leaving the USA. New Mexico deer hunting parties regularly return with trophy and record breaking elk and mule deer.

Texas hunting is restricted to ranches. Many of the large Texas deer hunting ranches and outfitters stock more than 30 species of big game, and 10 species of deer. Hunters do not face the rugged wilderness. They can be guaranteed a Boon and Crockett trophy, a hot meal every night, and help field dressing, transporting, and chilling their harvest.

Where can I shoot a 200 Boon and Crocket Buck?

How to Choose Good Deer Hunting Ranches

Deer hunting ranches offer several species of deer and elk in an enclosed, safe environment. Hunters can hunt all day and return to a luxury lodge at night. Deer hunting ranches offer both controlled hunts, with chasers moving deer toward the stands, and a fair game hunt where no vehicles, satellites, or communication equipment is used to track the deer.

Many ranches raise trophy bucks and exotic species. They offer hunts where a 10 point, 140 – 200 Boon and Crocket buck is guaranteed. For an extra fee, the deer hunting ranch can guarantee a 180 – 200 Boon and Crocket graded buck.

What types of deer hunting trips can I book?

Planning a Deer Hunting Trip

Deer hunting is no longer limited to local woodlots and farmer's fields. Hunting ranches raise trophy bucks and a few guarantee a shot on buck, or a 150 grade plus trophy. Outfitting companies plan excursions on their own hunting land, local woodlots, and the wilderness. The most important things to ask is the number of people hunting the area, and whether the outfitter can guarantee a shot on buck.

Where Can I Legally Hunt?

What is Legal Hunting Property?

Certain restrictions designate legal deer hunting land. Public property which is not designated as a game preserve, agricultural, or suburban is deer hunting land. Farmers have the right to limit access to their land during the deer hunting season. Hunters must ask for permission to legally hunt on farm land, even if other hunters are using the property. Hunters may not enter the field marked with a yellow or red dot, even when tracking a wounded deer.

Many outfitters and hunt clubs purchase land and hire it out to hunters. A hunter is never permitted to enter private property, even if they are just walking to their deer hunting land or camp.

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