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What type of gun should I buy a child?

Introducing Children to Air Guns

Air guns are a better choice for a child's first firearm than a .22 rifle. A good quality air gun can be purchased for less $25.00. The danger of operating a real firearm can be offset by purchasing plastic pellets for the child's air gun. These are accurate enough to use with air gun targets and traps.

Choose a target air gun for children. These guns offer superb accuracy, quick action, with five times less power than hunting quality air guns. They have enough power to use with air gun targets, but not enough to cause serious damage in most situations.

What do I look for when buying an BB gun?

Buying BB Guns

Air guns perform as well as .22 rifles for distances up to 35 yards. A velocity of 1,000 feet per second, combined with a .177 caliber high-quality pellet, will bring down most game up to 50 pounds. The accuracy of air guns is unmatched in the firearm industry. The secret is not in the BB gun, but in the quality of the pellet. High grade BB gun pellets consistently make a tight group on the target when they are used with an air gun in the $150 - $200 price range.

What new types of air guns are available to small game hunters?

The New Types of Air Guns

Air guns have been used to hunt for 500 years. Air gun designs have improved in the last five years, especially with the new Airsoft models from Japan. The original air guns employed a pump reservoir in the rifle's butt. It operated the firing mechanism. Today's air guns are more powerful with a pneumatic and a compressed air version. The introduction of the air canister increased the velocity without reducing the air rifle's unmatched reputation for accuracy.

What is the difference between Airsoft guns and air BB guns?

Airsoft Guns and Air BB Guns

Traditional, Airsoft, and air BB guns are used for hunting small game. Airsoft guns need a special hunting pellet, but there is only one model. Other air guns offer a target model that shoots a .177 pellet at a low velocity, and a high-velocity hunting version that shoots pellets which will easily penetrate skin and fur. Hunters should read air gun reviews, and practice at local gun clubs, before buying expensive equipment. BB guns, Airsoft guns, traditional air guns, and air bb guns, handle differently. Hunters need to find the type and model that feels comfortable to in their hand, and is powerful enough for their needs.

Can I hunt with an Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft Guns for Hunters

Airsofts gun are not traditional BB guns. Traditional and air BB guns shoot a .177 metal BB. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs in several different calibers. Airsoft guns are safer. They can shoot a plastic BB between 50-300 feet without breaking the skin. Airsoft guns are a new import from Japan. These compressed air guns are exact replicas of true firearms. The only difference is an orange band. Airsoft guns are legal for paintball games and hunting as long as the band is intact. It is a Federal offence to tamper with or remove the band.

How do I pick an air gun for hunting?

Air Gun and Pellet Styles for Hunting

Air guns have replaced pump guns as the preference for small game hunters. Hunting air guns offer five times more power than target air guns and more accuracy than a more expensive .22 rifle.

The accuracy of a pellet gun is determined by the crown, uniformity, wind, and weight. The crown is the barrel lip. The crown of an air gun and the pellet must be the exact same size to ensure the pellet travels straight. Uniformity refers to the spinning pattern of the pellet and how straight the pellet will travel over long distances.

The air gun pellet's weight determines its wind resistance. The weight of an air gun pellet also determines its speed. Smaller pellets travel faster. Heavier pellets penetrate deeper. The most popular hunting pellets are round nose for small game, and crow magnum hollow heads for rabbits and raccoons.

Can I hunt with Airsoft Revolvers?

Hunting With Airsoft Revolvers

High-quality Airsoft revolvers are an excellent choice for hunters. Airsoft revolvers use a C02 cartridge. This increases their power and eliminates re-cocking for fast shooting. Airsoft revolvers are the perfect firearm for pest control and hunting in enclosed areas. The CO2 cartridge provides Airsoft revolvers with the same power as low caliber rifles. Hunters should experiment with .20, .22, and .25 calibers to determine the best pellet for each air gun model.

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