Deer Hunting Crossbow Tips

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When is Deer Hunting Season?

Deer Hunting Crossbow Tips

Deer hunters need to purchase a license before they can go hunting, even if it is hunting season. Licenses are usually obtained a year in advance. If a State does not sell enough licenses, hunters may join the lottery to win the privilege of hunting extra deer.

These deer hunting tips will improve a hunter's chance of success.

  • Bucks are most active in the early hours, or just before dusk. Plan to be in a treestand or blind 30 minutes before first light.
  • Stay away from tree lines, scrapes, hedgerows and deer runs when traveling to and from the treestand or blind.
  • Remember that big bucks follow doe and young bucks.
  • Do not crush vegetation when traveling. The smell of crushed vegetation will alert deer that something large is walking through the woods.



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