Black Bear Hunting Tips

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How can I improve my black bear hunt?

Black Bear Hunting Tips

Here are some hunting tips to make black bear hunting in Canada a great experience:

  • Never head into the bush without a good black fly bug paint and netting.
  • Bait and lure hunting works well in the untouched wilderness.
  • A game monitor located near the burns or lures will indicate whether the lure is being hit.
  • The best burn is made with bacon and honey. They create a sweet smoke that penetrates deep into the woods.
  • Never use new equipment when black bear hunting in Canada. Boots, treestands, and packs must be comfortable.
  • Remain quiet, still, and scent free.
  • Never travel without a compass and topographical map.
  • Tie a string tracker to the lure and unravel it while following a bear. It saves disorientation when heading back to camp.



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